How to Store Your Camping Gear Safely

It's tempting to store your camping gear in outdoor storage sheds or attics, but this can cause moisture issues and extreme temperatures that can damage the equipment. Instead, we recommend storing your camping equipment in the garage. It may seem complicated, but it's actually quite simple. Plus, if you do it right, your gear will stay in good condition for longer and won't have that unpleasant smell that comes from storing it in the wrong places.

Before packing, make sure everything is clean and dry. You can store your tent in the garage as long as you keep it dry and out of direct sunlight. It doesn't matter what type of garage you have, as long as you can keep the tent dry and out of the sun. To keep your camping equipment safe, store it away from windows in a dark corner of the garage or put all your equipment in a hard plastic container.

For example, when I lived in my apartment in Texas, I had an outdoor storage closet that I used to store all my outdoor equipment.

Cherie Boucaud
Cherie Boucaud

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