What is Max's Last Name in Camp Camp?

Contrary to popular belief, Max's full name has not been confirmed to be Maxwell, Maximilian, or even Maximus; these are actually assumptions made by other people. Max is the main protagonist of the internet series Rooster Teeth Camp Camp. He is a rude, profane and grumpy boy with no respect for authority, who is forced to spend his summer at Camp Campbell, against his wishes. Along with his friends Nikki and Neil, Max always causes chaos, rebels against the councilors and, above all, tries to escape. Little or nothing is known about Max's family back home, other than that his parents are Indian immigrants who came to the United States to escape their country of origin, wanting to avoid forced labor imposed by the Indian government.

It has been made more than clear that Max's parents are very negligent and don't seem to care about him as a person. The only reason they sent him to Camp Campbell was to get rid of him all summer long; they showed that they didn't even sign him up for a specific activity and they were the only parents who didn't show up on Father's Day. This makes it very clear that Max's parents abuse him and would prefer to disassociate themselves from him. At Camp Campbell, Max is a chaotic and troubled boy who is completely disrespectful to his camp councillors David and Gwen. He absolutely despises every second of being in a summer camp and takes every opportunity to escape.

In the series premiere, Escape From Camp Campbell, Max waits at the camp entrance with David, waiting for the arrival of two new late-entry campers (Nikki and Neil). When the campers arrive there, Max rushes to try to get on the bus and drive away but being too short to reach the accelerator, he is quickly frustrated by the mayor who approaches and takes him back to the ground. In Mascot, Max sets off a Rube Goldberg trap that catapults a rock that reads Fuckthe Police into a hamster, which throws him into the lake where he eventually ends up being eaten by a platypus. Max claims he wanted to bring down David and kill him. In Scout's Dishonor, Max, Neil and Nikki try to escape Camp Campbell at night with a canoe piloted by rival former fielder Billy Nikssilp.

However, Billy reveals to the trio that he never left the rival camp and attacks them in the middle of the lake. Nikki and Neil can escape but Max is taken to Forest Scout headquarters where he is tortured by the other forest explorers. While there, he insults its leader Edward Pikeman in his thick grainy face which deeply hurts his feelings. At Kamp Kool Kidz, Max was sick of cleaning the dining room floors and led the children of Camp Campbell in a rebellion against Camp Campbell. He and the other children joined together to tape the Mayor to the wall and later tied David and Gwen to a flagpole.

However, soon after taking over, Max is annulled as leader by another rebellious teenager Ered Miller whom all other campers (except Neil and Space Kid) nominate as their new leader. Max, Neil and Space Kid leave Campbell camp and form their own smaller team which they use to rebel against Ered camp. A war breaks out between the two teams which is eventually interrupted by Cameron Campbell as he returns from his long time hiding from the FBI. However, he only returns to take some money and then leaves again immediately. This frees David and Gwen which causes Max and the other children to get into trouble and clean the dining room again. Max has been proven to be very intelligent although he can sometimes forget the most obvious things as shown in Escape from Camp Campbell when he hijacked the bus and forgot that he didn't really know how to drive a bus.

This is shown again at the end of The Order of the Sparrow when lighting the bonfire with wet logs he poured gasoline on them not knowing that it was highly volatile and caused a big explosion which shows that despite being intelligent he is only a child. Despite all this Max isn't really an evil person. In David Gets Hard when Nurf revealed much of his background Max was visibly uncomfortable and sympathetic to a certain extent. In addition at the end of The Order of the Sparrow he manages to convince the entire camp to help him create David's image of a perfect summer camp after hearing him explain why he tries so hard for campers. He repairs the old cane but tells David not to look too hard at it proving that Max has a kinder side to his personality. Also in Season 2 episode Gwen Gets A Job we learn that Max had a teddy bear named Mr Walnuts one of the few (if not only) things of sentimental value for him.

Max also has a good reason for being such a villain in the first place since his parents never cared enough about him even to go to camp and left him there never dealing with Max not even putting in his last name or contact information so that his parents can find or take Max out of summer camp if something happened. Max is of Indian descent with potentially abusive parents who shudder when people get in their face already cynical at age 10 for God's sake and by end of season 2 we know for fact that he was practically abandoned at camp. For Max (Michael Jones) a cynical imbecile who has very tired vision of life it seems much more like prison than summer camp and only thing that keeps him going is...

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