Who is the Target Market for Camping?

Understanding the target market for camping is essential for any business in the camping and caravan industry. To maximize visibility, physical locations should be placed in high-population areas that are not located within large cities. Through direct marketing strategies, such as catalogs and websites, the target market can be expanded far beyond physical stores. Market research should include gathering information about the camping and travel accommodation industry, with a focus on the fastest growing regions such as South America and Africa.

The recreational segment is expected to be the fastest growing segment in the camping and caravan market. Quality content is key to marketing, and should be divided equally between online and offline platforms. When considering the target market for camping, it is important to review the different types of camping equipment that can be sold. Think of ways to meet the basic needs of guests during a camping trip and promote these services and incentives in all marketing materials.

Each type of equipment has a different purpose and is designed for different types of camping trips, targeting different segments of the target market. The camping and caravan market is highly fragmented, with many small players in the market. It is important to know your target market so that product offerings and marketing efforts can be adjusted to attract those most likely to buy from you. Countries such as the Netherlands and the United Kingdom attract young professionals, backpackers, families with children over 8 years old, and empty nests due to nature tourism, which is likely to strengthen the market.

Cherie Boucaud
Cherie Boucaud

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