The Essential Camping Gear for a Memorable Trip

Camping is an exciting and rewarding experience, but it requires the right gear to make it a success. From tents to water purifiers, mess kits to maps, there are a variety of items that you'll need to bring along for a successful camping trip. Tents are the most important piece of camping gear, as they provide shelter from the elements and a place to sleep. Most campers will use a traditional tent, but extreme campers may prefer to use a closed or bivouac style bag, which will protect them from rain and snow.

Tents are usually shared by two campers, but large tents can accommodate up to 5 or 6 people. This means that you'll need to adjust the number of tents in your group to suit your space needs. It's also important to consider the type of food you'll be preparing when planning your dining set. Many commercial camping foods can be prepared and eaten out of the bag, eliminating the need for individual plates.

But on the other hand, you'll need a bunch of pans and individual plates if you want to make pancakes and bacon for breakfast. A typical mess kit would consist of two sets of minimal cutlery, a pair of pots or pans, two cups and two plates. However, there are many variations in the theme and a lot of options in the market. You should never drink untreated water while camping, as even the purest mountain streams can contain a variety of unpleasant pathogens.

Just a sip from the wrong stream could ruin your trip and cause you to head to the emergency room. There are a variety of ways to treat water, but most campers will find that a water purifier is the most convenient and effective solution. You can cook over an open fire, but this is often much more problematic than it's worth. In addition, campfires are prohibited in many places, particularly west of the Rockies, where wildfires are a perpetual threat.

This means you'll want to carry a camp stove with you every time you go camping. You'll also need to carry fuel, and this will usually take up more space than the real stove. As with water purifiers and tents, you'll probably want to carry a stove for every two campers. This will make it much easier to cook large quantities of food than a single stove. If your camping group has any chance of reaching their intended destination, you'll need a good map to help you get there.

A good map is even useful when you're walking along well-marked trails, as it will allow you to determine how far you've traveled (and more importantly, how far you'll have to travel to get to the camp). Digital maps, such as those shown on the phone or tablet, are an intriguing option for modern campers, as they can provide a wealth of information that paper maps don't provide. They also provide value from a security context, as you can use your phone to contact help in an emergency. However, digital devices also have problems; they are much heavier than a paper map and depend on a good signal, something that is rare in nature.

Therefore, it is probably wise to carry a paper map as a backup as well. Instant tents are an essential piece of camping equipment; the time they save you in the setup is truly remarkable. All-season sleeping bags are perfect if you plan to go camping all year round and don't want to invest in climate-specific equipment. When it comes to heating or cooking while camping or hiking in the woods and mountains, having camping equipment handy is essential for making your dream come true. But what is the best camping equipment for achieving this goal? With so many unique camping accessories on offer, how do you know which ones are best? Coleman's portable camping chair is one great investment for any camping setup; it's lightweight (ideal for backpackers), can be easily read in the tent at night or in the hammock during the day, and while it's loaded, it will last for weeks. These items have traveled with me on many camping trips - even on challenging hikes like the GR20 in Corsica - where keeping the weight and volume of the backpack to a minimum is key. I've had them for almost a decade. Whether it's heating or cooking, having these essential pieces of camping gear will make sure that most of your memories will bring a smile to your face.

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