The Ultimate Guide to Packing for a 7-Day Camping Trip

Are you planning a week-long camping trip? Whether you're camping by the water or in the woods, there are certain items you'll need to make sure your trip is a success. From tents and umbrellas to camp kitchens and waterproof cases, this guide will help you pack everything you need for a memorable camping experience. To protect yourself from wind, rain, insects and more, you'll need a tough tent. There's nothing worse than being caught in a storm while camping without proper rain protection.

But if you bring a quality windproof travel umbrella like the one pictured, you'll be sure to be prepared no matter what the conditions are. This one weighs less than a pound, is super compact at only 12 inches when folded, and comes with a lifetime replacement warranty. This completely depends on the type of campsite you have chosen. I have camped in places that were a two-hour walk from my car, where I could park my car 10 feet away and everything in between.

Whatever your situation, make sure you know the route to and from your camp, and bring a map or GPS just in case. Even the simplest routes can be very different if the weather changes, and you don't want to be stuck without a path back to civilization. Your list of camps will vary depending on the type of camp and activities you have planned, the places you go to, the time of year, and the length of your trip. The camp kitchen and food system will vary greatly depending on how much or how little you want to cook on your camping trip.

Camp Kitchen Essentials

Whether you plan to camp by the water or not, keeping your phone secure in a waterproof case will give you peace of mind so you can take your phone everywhere you go and take lots of photos documenting your unforgettable camping trip.

There are several ways to boil water while camping, such as using a kettle or pot over a fire or with a camp stove system such as a Jetboil. Clear plastic bags are ideal for organizing loose items you'll need for your camp kitchen when camping in the car.

Tents for Car Camping

Small backpacker tents will also work, but it may be good to have a more spacious tent for car camping trips. Complete your gear list with the items you need for hiking, fishing, biking, playing games, or just relaxing at camp.

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